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Amanda Katherine Anka is a Canadian-American model and actress. She was born on December 5, 1978, in Toronto, Canada. Her father is Paul Anka, a renowned Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor.

Amanda’s mother is Anne de Zogheb, a former Miss USA. Amanda has two sisters: Alexandra and Amelia. Amanda began her modeling career at the age of 18.

She has appeared in magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. Amanda has also done commercial work for brands such as Gap Inc., Old Navy, and Victoria’s Secret. In addition to modeling, Amanda has also acted in various television shows and movies.

Some of her notable acting roles include appearances in “CSI: Miami” (2002), “The O.C.” (2003), “Entourage” (2004), and “How I Met Your Mother” (2005). Amanda is married to Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.

Amanda Katherine Anka is a Canadian-American actress, model, and philanthropist. She was born on December 28, 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her father is Paul Anka, a renowned Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor.

Amanda has three siblings: Alexandra, Anthea, and Amelia. She started her career as a model at the age of 16. Amanda has appeared in numerous magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

She has also done advertising campaigns for brands like Lancome and Gap. In addition to modeling, Amanda has also acted in several films and television shows. Some of her notable roles include “The Hot Chick” (2002), “Dumb & Dumber To” (2014), and “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2017).

Apart from her successful career in entertainment industry, Amanda is also known for her charitable work. She is an active supporter of various causes such as animal rights and human trafficking prevention. In 2012, she founded the Amanda Foundation which helps rescue animals from shelters and find them new homes.

Here are some interesting facts about Amanda Anka: 1) Her father is Paul Anka who is a renowned Canadian singer-songwriter and actor with a net worth of $80 million dollars! Talk about family money!

2) At just 16 years old, she started modeling which led to appearing in magazines like Vogue , Harper’s Bazaar ,and Elle . 3) Not only does she have great genes but she’s also bilingual speaking both English AND French! 4) As an actress ,she’s starred alongside some big names like Adam Sandler ,Jim Carrey ,and Dwayne Johnson .

5) In 2012 ,she founded The Amanda Foundation – an organization that rescues animals from shelters and finds them new forever homes . 6) So far she’s been married once to Jean-Yves Le Fur with whom she shares two children but they divorced back in 2005 .

Amanda Katherine Anka Wiki, Biography, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Parents, Net Worth & More


Who is Amanda Anka Dad?

amanda anka dad is paul anka. he is a canadian singer, songwriter, and actor.

Who are Amanda Anka’S Parents?

Amanda Anka is the daughter of actor Jason Bateman and his wife, Amanda. Her parents met while they were both working on the set of the television show Valerie in 1987. Amanda was born in Los Angeles, California, in 2001.

What Does Amanda Anka Do for a Living?

Amanda Anka is an actress, model and philanthropist. She has appeared in films such as “Beverly Hills Cop II” and “Batman Forever”. She is the daughter of actor Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka.

She has a sister, Justine Bateman, who is also an actress.

What Nationality is Amanda Anka?

Amanda Anka is a Canadian actress and model. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia to parents of Swedish descent. Amanda has appeared in films and television series such as The X-Files, Blade: Trinity, Smallville, and Supernatural.

How Old is Amanda Anka?

Amanda Anka is 41 years old. She was born on September 28, 1978 in Los Angeles, California. Her father is actor Jason Bateman and her mother is actress Pauline Collins.

She has two sisters: Justine and Francesca. Amanda attended Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica, California and graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in English literature.

Is Jason Bateman Still Married to Amanda Anka?

Jason Bateman is still married to Amanda Anka. The couple tied the knot in 2001 and have two daughters together. They seem to be happy and content in their marriage, despite rumors that occasionally surface about Bateman being unfaithful.

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Jason Bateman Net Worth

Jason Bateman has an estimated net worth of $30 million. The American actor, director, and producer is best known for his role as Michael Bluth in the hit TV series Arrested Development. He has also starred in films such as Horrible Bosses and The Break-Up.

In addition to his acting career, Jason has also directed episodes of television shows such as Ozark and The Outsider.


Amanda Katherine Anka (born December 28, 1983) is a Canadian-American actress and model. She is the daughter of actor Paul Anka and actress/model Donna D’Errico. Anka was born in Los Angeles, California.

Her parents divorced when she was two years old, and she lived with her mother in Canada until she was six. After her parents’ divorce, she lived with her father in the United States. She has two older sisters, Alexandra and Anthea, and a younger brother, Ethan.

She attended Brentwood School in Los Angeles and graduated from high school in 2001. She then attended Loyola Marymount University where she studied communications and business marketing but did not graduate. She began her career as a fashion model at the age of 16 when she signed with Ford Models.

She has appeared on the cover of magazines such as Seventeen, Maxim, Stuff and GQ Italia. In 2006, she made her acting debut in an episode of the television series CSI: Miami titled “Blood Sugar”. In 2007, Anka starred in the horror film 100 Feet opposite Famke Janssen.

The following year she had a supporting role in Rob Schneider’s film Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo which was released direct-to-video due to poor box office reception. In 2009 Anka guest starred on an episode of Bones titled “The Girl with the Curl”. That same year she also co-starred alongside James Franco and Jordana Brewster in Marco Weber’s thriller Blood Moon Rising which went straight to DVD/Blu-ray release worldwide.

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